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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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he is known as the people's pope. tonight the people rolled out the red carpet for pope francis' arrival here in the united states is. while new york rolls out unprecedented security for this historic trip. good evening. i'm joe torres. bill ritter is off. >> i'm sade baderinwa. pope francis is resting right now before his busy schedule picks up tomorrow. the 7-year-old pontiff deliberately avoid is ago limo and instead opting for a modest compact car arriving in washington, d.c. where he is spending a quiet night in the nation's capital. >> tomorrow morning the pope begins his day with a ceremony at the white house. as for tonight extra security at what is already one of the most secure addresses in the country. and 42 hours away from his arrival in new york city, the streets near central park are already cleared. barriers are up for what the nypd is calling this city's biggest security operation ever.
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>> we have two reports in washington and here in new york. we begin with political reporter dave evans outside the capitol. >> reporter: good evening, joe. whenever the pope visits the united states is it is a big event, but this is a unique visit because i think this pope is so unique. tonight he brings to america a message of love and mercy. pope francis today arrived in the u.s. to a stately presidential welcome. obama almost never greets visiting dignitaries. a rare gesture underscoring the hugeness of these next few days. >> i think he's amazing and very inspirational. i think he's truly -- jesus speaks through him. >> reporter: tonight, pope mania, these monks even holding a pope viewing party. >> tune your ears because he's coming specifically to say something, and i think we need to be ready to hear whatever it is he has to say. >> reporter: tomorrow is a
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ceremony, to prayer and mass at the basilica of the national shrine. >> i think the pope feels to have now the experience and the mortality to bring aus witnesses to the most important events of the day. >> reporter: there will be 10,000 guests. one attend', a gay cath lake. we asked him what he might say. >> pope francis, we love you, listen to us, come meet us, come to mass with us. we are a part of this church just as much as you are. >> reporter: inside the halls of congress, a warning. be on your best behavior. and so tonight washington has rolled out the papal welcome mat. >> pope francis is a pope of mercy and a pope for the people. he has reinvigorated the church.
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is a quiet evening for pope francis. right now he is at the vatican's embassy. busy. for now, live in washington, dave evans, eyewitness news. rest. thank you. the pope's next stop, new york city, is on thursday where security measures are well underway. this map shows the streets that will be closed during his visit as pope francis makes his appearances at st. patrick's, the u.n., ally school in east harlem, central park, and madison square garden. the chain-link fence is going up to block off a huge portion of central park. lucy yang tweeting this picture from the park saying, enjoying your run now, soon central park will be closed for pope francis. lucy. >> reporter: sade, if you think that fence is something, imagine this. an eight-foot tall fence on the
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west side of fifth avenue. that's right, an eight-foot- tall fence will soon be going up so that ticket holders can stand out in the street while commuters on the other side of the street can get to their offices. the amount of security for the pope's visit is unprecedented. never before has the city rolled out so much manpower for one humbled man preaching peace. >> let's keep in mind we have 170 heads of state is, many of them are controversial in their own right. we're providing security details for each and every one of them. >> reporter: in central park where the pope is scheduled to pass through in his popemobile, barricades are already up. the secret service walked through his processional route to make sure they have enough layers of protection. >> almost 39 miles of barry theres will be constantly moving to fence off a lot of these events. >> reporter: cars on the upper west side is have already been
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at the army terminal in brooklyn more than 1,000 police cars stand ready to be deployed. 600 officers will be on duty this week. 81 tons of concrete barriers have been delivered and will eventually be used to because off streets. back here at st. patrick's cathedral we're told the eight- foot fence is an effort to help commuters get to work while thousands more wait on the avenue for their beloved pontiff. >> there's a city that has to get on with their business who might not be able to see the pope that day, but they need to go to work in stores and so on. >> it's already annoying without the barricades so it's going to be triple annoying with the barricades. >> i'm anticipating for the worst. i guess we'll see. >> reporter: all told, 10 miles worth of city roads will be closed during the papal visit. but before you blame pope francis for all the gridlock,
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will be here for the u.n. and most of the motorcades will be for those dignitaries. but, of course, the adoring crowds will be for the pope. live outside st. patrick's cathedral, lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> lucy thank you. a facebook campaign that went viral now helps a nun from westchester county scratch a major wish off her list. she will soon meet the pope. the 99-year-old sister has been a member of the sisters for 70 years. although she cano longer speak or walk due to lou gehrig's disease she will meet pope francis on thursday during a prayer service at st. patrick's cathedral. earlier we mentioned the pope's vehicle choice. true to form, the pontiff passed on a fancy limo and decided to ride around in a more humble fiat. tonight fiat couldn't be happier. the auto manufacturer tweeted, hashtag, blessed.
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made jeep wrangler to be outfitted as the popemobile. the wrangler made in toledo, ohio is the same vehicle used while visiting he can what doirn july. we have the pope's entire schedule and what you need to know about getting around when he is here. it's all at and stay with eyewitness news and our facebook and twitter pages for updates and live coverage throughout the week. and new at 11:00, an eyewitness news crew coming across this bizarre scene is in chel see, huge pile of trash burning in the middle of 10th avenue. this all happened at 21st street and 10th avenue. firefighters soon arrived and got to work putting tout flames. it's not yet clear how the rubbish got into the road and caught fire. no one wanes gurred. >> new at 11, police in lynden, new jersey suspended an officer accused of driving, causing a deadly wrong way crash while driving drunk.
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yesterday to charges including aggravated vehicular homicide. he crashed head on into a tractor-trailer last march on staten island. two of his passengers, including an off-duty lynden cop, were killed. another officer was critically injured. meantime, a former bayonne police officer pleaded guilty to using excessive force during an arrest, then trying to cover it up. he admitted he hit a suspect in the head with a flashlight in 2013 while the suspect was handcuffed and not resisting arrest. he faces up to 20 years in prison. so who is in rockland county with a bb gun? it's a question investigators are trying to answer. a dozen cars badly damaged. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross with the story. a.j. >> reporter: sade this is one of those cars shot and damaged anal one night here.
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than mischief this is a crime. if you take a look this entire front window is completely missing. other cars in the area also need repairs, which is why police are now asking for your help tracking down those responsible. >> i get woken up by a detective. >> reporter: it was an alarming wake-up call for david stoddard when officers showed up to his home to ask about overnight damage to his pontiac g 5. >> i came outside to a big hole in my window, and on top of that catching a cold sought wasn't quite my day. >> reporter: he says he was shocked to find the front driver's side window completely shattered. the damage seemed to be the result of not gunfire but bb gun pellets. >> i couldn't believe it. it's a very quiet, quaint area. you always see people walking by. the day after i had a bunch of concerned neighbors asking me what happened. >> reporter: according to police, stoddard's car wasn't the only one used for random target practice. in fact, nearly a dozen cars
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were discovered in the path of destruction in valley cottage. each were hit sometime between sunday night and monday morning. >> our officers have been investigating as well as our detective bureau, and we're trying to get information in regards to who may have caused these acts of vandalism to the 12 vehicles. >> from small cracks in the paint to shattered windows, the damage to the cars is both costly and concerning. fortunately nothing was stolen from the vehicles but police are now asking anyone who may have seen someone or something out of place to give them a call. and they're also hoping anyone with surveillance video in the area will step forward. >> pretty hard to believe. as you look around, not quite the area would you think would it happen. >> reporter: and at this point investigators believe this is an isolated act of vandalism, but they're asking anyone who may have seen or heard something to please step forward. live in valley cottage, a.j. rocks channel 7 eyewitness news. a mother terrified no, sign
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supposed to be home from school. >> i didn't think i was going to see my son again. >> tonight outrage after she learned what happened and where he was. and after pizza rats went
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seize the journey friendly. new video in the investigation into a rash of car burglaries in connecticut. police in stamford are looking for this suspect in one of the most recent burglaries at a parking garage friday but investigators believe more than one person has broken into more than 20 cars in the past few months.
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and new at 11:00, a school bus missing. a terrified mother wondering where her autistic son was and why school officials couldn't track counsel the bus he was riding object. five hours later it finally little boy. so where did it go? tonight the mother is demanding answers. here's jim dolan. >> reporter: this little boy is five years old and awe ties ticket. he can rock some video games. but on friday he didn't have his ipad with him during a five- hour odyssey aboard a school bus that somehow got lost. on staten island. >> this was his first day on the bus, ever. >> reporter: aiden's school, ps- 60, just three miles from his home, but on friday the driver got lost with aiden and some other children on board. two hours later erica called the department of education and they said he would be home in, oh, 20 minutes.
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>> we waited the 20 minutes, 30 minutes. 3:30 we started calling again. then they said 30 minutes. >> reporter: she was terrified. >> i didn't think i was going to see my son again. >> reporter: and no one at the department of education or the bus company knew where the bus was. >> i want to know where my child is. i don't want to hear 30 minutes, 20 minutes, i want to know where he is. >> reporter: the bugs is operated by the reliant bus company, and finally, five hours aft left the school, it arrived at aiden's house. >> i cried hysterically. i was emotional to begin with. i was just is happy that he was there. i was crying hysterically, he was crying hysterically. >> reporter: she has gotten no indication for what was going on for that five hours other than the driver and the matron were lost, and no one has apologized to her or her son. aiden has friends on that bus
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but he doesn't want to get back on board. jim dolan, channel 7, eyewitness news. the so-called pizza rat reigniting debate about the removal of trash cans from new york city's subways. last night we showed you video of a rat carrying a slice of pizza down the stairs in the east village. tonight the state control ser questioning the practices of the mta saying the audit of a pilot program to remove trash cans from some stations has had little effect. jews around the world are observing yom kippur tonight. services begin at sundown at synagogues around the world, including central synagogue on the east side. yom kippur is a day of atonement. a time for observers to fast and reflect. it ends at sundown tomorrow. and we have jeff smith in for lee goldberg tonight who was attending service. tell us
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looking pretty good? >> fall is five or so hours away from now. you won't know it because we're looking at temperatures around 80. so 10 degrees warmer than it was today. we head outside right now. skies are starting to clear out in and around new york city. 67. now that wind is still coming in from the east at 5, and that helped to keep temperatures cool today. it only got up to 71 after a morning low of 62. the average high this time of year is 73. so for a change, and we haven't seen this, the high temperature today was below average. the sunsetting these days at 6:54. right now in and around new york city, temperatures generally in the upper 60s, but watch what happens when you head outside of the city, well north and west. we're down to 51 at sues serks 4 at monticello. upper level disturbance moving through causing some cloud cover especially from the city, points south and east. but that's quickly moving off to the east.
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we're going to be giving way to sunny skies. turning warmer, too, the high getting up to around 80. how about another 80-degree day for the pope's arrival in new york city on thursday, sunny to partly skies. a weak front pressing in from the north will cool us off just a touch on friday for all those big papal events in new york city. a mix of clouds and sun, the high on friday around 76 degrees in central park. and then for the weekend, a few bumps in the road possible here. high pressure building over new england. that's a pretty strong area of high pressure. at the same time there is going to be a coastal system trying to work its way north from the north carolina coast. now, it is going to be camp tigs between these two weather systems. this high is going to try to block the storm from making northward progress, but if it does make enough we get into clouds and potentially rain during more likely to the south of the city and of course the pope is going to philadelphia on saturday and on sunday.
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if you are tempted to go to the beach tomorrow, watch out, the rip current risk is on the high side. accuweather forecast. overnight clearing, comfortable, down to 60 in midtown, but 40s in the coolest spots well north and west. mostly sunny, the high up to 80, mainly clear tomorrow night, down to 62. how about 80 degrees again on thursday. 76 on friday under a mix of clouds and sun. high clouds start increasing on saturday, 74. again, we're watching that system off to our south. if it gints here on sunday we're mainly cloudy with rain. if it doesn't, we'll have to boost temperatures into the low 70s if that high pressure wins out. bill evans will have much more on that in the up next, a common sexsmith
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plus, a teacher we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town.
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in tonight's health alert, sex after a heart attack, is at good idea? german researchers studied hundreds of heart attack survivors to determine if sex triggers a second heart attack. patients who had sex at least once a week had no higher risk of having a heart attack than those having no sex at all. actually, researchers say the friskier patients tended to be health yes,. >> there you go. a mother is fuming mad after learning her child was scolded for being left-handed.
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scolded by a teacher who thinks being lefty is' visit. like his mother, awhree sha sands, the four-year-old is a lefty. but his mother noticed him doing homework with his right hand. when she asked why, he said his teacher said being left handed was bad. >> it breaks pie heart because someone actually believes that. like you believe my child is evil because he's left-handed. >> the mother filed a complaint with oklahoma's board of education. she wants her son transferred to another class. apparently she doesn't know he would have a long career as a left-happened pitcher. straight ahead, we'll get you up to date. the mets at home against the braves. we'll see where the magic
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so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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the yankees might be singing "oh canada" before this game is over. >> they said the series was critical for division hopes so the yankees thought they needed to win these next two games. with 13 to play, a head to head series, the perfect time to close the gap. tied, top 8th, carlos beltran for the yanks. he nails one over the wall. solo home run. the yanks lead 3-2. 9th inning, runners on second and third. jacoby ellsbury goes to right field. jose bautista has a chance to show off that arm.
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9th inning, the jays with a game tieing home run. extra innings. top 10, look at the concentration. look at the three-run home run. that's three in three nights. yankees win 6-4. they're now just two and a half games behind the jays. what a game. the mets, meanwhile, ahead in their own playoff ray, and they need to increase that lead by pounding on the atlanta braves. another match-up in the big city. started out great. david wright gets a muscle behind this one. the mets lead, they couldn't hold it. the braves jumped in front. mets lose 6-2, but the nationals lose tonight as well so even though the mets go down, their magic number goes down to six. division lead still six and a half games. game night for the giants thursday. they host the redskins at the meadowlands so more practice today to get ready trying to season. victor cruz able to run a little bit on grass.
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probably won't play thursday. a better chance linebacker john beason gets on the field. >> i hope to play. i feel good. hopefully i get the opportunity. the jets' decker with a sprained knee. they get the eagles at home sunday. record up to 2-0. things going well for this new-look jets team. right now they're doing enough to win games. >> we're not where we want to be but we're on the way. the trick is to win while you're doing it. to the garden, wnba east semis, the liberty against washington. the winner heads to the conference finals. best of three series, tied at one game each. the liberty fighting from behind. tina charles, 22 points. the home team on its way. epiphany prince, huge shot.
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six seconds to go. liberty win 79-74. the east finals open tomorrow at the garden against indiana. on ice, nhl preseason, rangers on the road just down the road at philadelphia. beat the devils last night, fell behind tonight. the flyers would keep the pressure on, 5-3, the rangers fall tonight in philly. it is hockey season,
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the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment.
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that is the news for now. i'm joe torres. >> i'm sade baderinwa. jimmy kimmel is next. eyewitness news returns
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